Amelia Schmidt: A Day in the Life of a Senior Account Executive

16th March, 2021

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Amelia, Senior Account Executive:

It has taken me a while to settle into a working from home routine, but almost a year in and I’ve finally found my groove. My day starts with a workout and a shower. My favourite thing about working remotely has to be having more time to move my body. Gone are the days when a morning workout would mean a 6am start and a trek to the gym in the dark. Making time to exercise, whether it’s a run around my neighbourhood or a workout video on YouTube, sets me up for the day and leaves me in a positive frame of mind.

My working day tends to start at 8:30am. 90TEN operates under a flexible working policy, so if you work better in the morning, you can log on earlier and finish a little earlier too. After boiling the kettle, I spend some time catching up on emails, chatting to my teams and refamiliarizing myself with my to-do list.

I tend to spend the morning on calls and progressing the projects I’m leading on; whether it’s liaising with the media to launch a disease awareness campaign, interviewing a patient with an ultra-rare disease to help them tell their story, or brainstorming ideas for a creative brief we’ve received. What excites me the most about logging on each morning is the sheer breadth and variety of projects that I work on. From oncology, to diabetes, to neuroscience, I have had a crash-course in so many different therapy areas. My background is in consumer PR, so initially the switch to healthcare seemed a little daunting, but I’m pleased I took the leap. I have learnt so much from my team members, and I’m sure there are things they have learnt from me too.

Lunch is either marked by a walk in the local park, or a catch up with some colleagues over Zoom. Some of my favourite lunch breaks are spent unpicking a good book with a cup of tea and my fellow 90TEN ‘brainfood’ book club members.

90TEN’s ‘brainfood’ book club was set up to boost wellbeing and encourage open conversations

I return feeling refreshed and ready for the afternoon, which I might spend researching clinical trial data for a new potentially life-saving product, or reviewing a podcast episode on terminal illness that we’ve recorded.

As I wrap up each day and close my laptop for the evening, I feel confident that I’ve learnt something new, and contributed towards improving health outcomes to make a positive difference to people’s lives.