90TEN – a healthcare specialist communications consultancy

90TEN is a global healthcare communications consultancy with a mission to make people healthier and happier through life-changing education and communications. We provide public relations, medical communications, and patient advocacy services that use behavioural science methodologies to maximise brand and health outcomes.

"If you need to make one hundred people healthier you could try telling all of them about the benefit of taking action. Or you could work with the ten most interested people to change their behaviour and let the other ninety see the benefit for themselves. That’s 90TEN."

Changing behaviour the 90TEN way

90TEN has worked with behavioural psychologists to develop its own Feel-Think-Do™ evidence-based suite of tools that seek to understand the human emotions, thought processes and environmental factors that sit behind each communications challenge we face.

These tools can be applied to every brief to deliver insightful, tailored and targeted communications that are designed to inspire meaningful and positive change. This approach, and a culture that celebrates innovation, allows 90TEN to be creative and scientific in execution and strategy.

Envision Pharma Group Diversity, equity and inclusion statement

90TEN is part of Envision Pharma Group (EPG).

EPG is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive working environment where we value and develop employees of all backgrounds and experiences. Based on our core values, we firmly believe collaboration among team members generates more incisive and deeper insights that better serve our employees, clients and community.

How we live the EPG values at 90TEN

  • We create environments where every person is encouraged to be their authentic self, to share, learn, and grow, together
  • We have a dedicated internal working group called TEAM ID, whose role is to champion good diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices, processes, and initiatives at 90TEN. Their remit is to research and offer recommendations that will support 90TEN to be an inclusive employer, recruiter, and supplier.
  • We acknowledge that we can always be better. TEAM ID provides guidance for proactive self-learning and coordinates relevant external speakers and training to support our learning and growth.
  • We have introduced new recruitment practices and unconscious bias training; and removed the need for a university degree for some of our entry level roles to improve equal opportunities.
  • We do not like performative DEI acts, but we do like to acknowledge milestone dates internally, such as Pride, Black History Month, Neurodiversity Celebration Week, South Asian Heritage Month and many others. We acknowledge these dates by sharing facts and new information so that we continually understand, appreciate and act on different perspectives.
  • We want to make a difference within the industry that we work. We are happy to admit that we look for problems so that we can make things better for our team, our clients, our industry and for society.
  • We believe that the more inclusive we are, the more life changing our work will be.
  • Our global network

    90TEN has offices in both the United Kingdom (London) and the United States (Washington, DC). Globally, we collaborate with the Baird’s CMC network of agencies, which provides direct access to communications specialists in over 50 countries and across all continents of the globe. 90TEN is also a part of Envision Pharma Group, an employee-owned global leader in the medical affairs and healthcare communications space with 14 offices across 4 continents including locations in Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. Envision Pharma Group employs over 800 team members, including:

    • Over 250 highly qualified and experienced in-house medical writers
    • Over 200 technology solutions team members who provide software development and customer support
    • Over 60 members of our Creative Lab spanning graphic designers, digital developers and multichannel experts

    Our awards
    • Specialist Consultancy of the Year 2019
    • Specialist Consultancy of the Year 2018
    • Mid-Sized Consultancy of the Year 2018
    • Young PR Professional of the Year 2018
    • Best Use of Content 2018
    • Best Agency in Europe 2019
    • Best Campaign in Europe 2019
    • Best Global Influencer Marketing Campaign 2019
    • Best Global Content 2017
    • Healthcare Consultancy of the Year 2020
    • Best Patient Programme 2018
    • Best Patient Initiative 2017
    • Best Multi-Channel Campaign 2017
    • Support Agency of the Year 2019
    • Excellence in Engagement Through Multiple Channels 2019
    • Launch Excellence 2016
    • Communications Consultancy of the Year 2020
    • Communications Consultancy of the Year 2019
    • Excellence in Corporate Communications – External Stakeholders 2019
    • Excellence in Patient/Consumer Health Programmes 2018
    • Excellence in Integrated Product/Brand Communications 2018
    • Excellence in Social Media Strategy 2018
    • Young Achiever in Healthcare Communications 2018
    • Communications Consultancy of the Year 2017
    • Excellence in Engagement Through Digital Channels 2017
    • Medical Education Consultancy of the Year 2017
    • Innovation in Healthcare Communications 2017
    • Excellence in Content Management/Curation 2017