90TEN Communications is our public relations consultancy.

We provide public relations services to the healthcare sector, focusing on pharmaceuticals, biotech, consumer health and public health. We are passionate about improving the lives of the people we reach.

We are known for the boldness of our work, the depth of our scientific talent, and our ability to impact positive change. We believe communications is more likely to succeed if it elicits human emotion, so we will pursue ideas that are unprecedented, unconventional or sometimes even provocative… as long as we know they will start a productive conversation and improve lives for the better.

Our planning process starts by really understanding the behaviour we want to impact. We talk with the people we are trying to reach to identify the mental biases that are impeding change to find practical steps to overcome these barriers. This process means we develop and deliver the right message at the right moment to elicit a positive outcome; and if we can turn a few heads in the process... so much the better.

We pride ourselves on delivering tangible outcomes that benefit our clients, enhance healthcare delivery and improve the lives of the patients we serve.

Simply put, it’s communications with a life-changing purpose.

To find out more about 90TEN Communications in the UK, contact PRSMT@90ten.co.uk

"One of the highlights for me last year was receiving an email from a HIV positive man saying our campaign has changed his life and that his involvement was one of his greatest achievements."

Account Manager