90TEN Medical is our medical communications and education consultancy.

Staffed by academic scientists and healthcare marketing experts, our life-changing work includes medical and scientific strategy development, and the co-ordination and communication of medical milestones for our clients.

What really sets us apart in our field is that we are also creators who think outside the box. We have a passion for delivering hard science through unique and compelling content. Whether it is verbally, experientially or visually, we capture the hearts as well as the minds of our audiences, giving them simple steps to achieve positive change.

We use cognitive learning techniques to aid memory and recall. Our interactive and graphical data visualisation techniques simplify difficult concepts.

Finally, we put our people first. We prioritise, grow and develop their passions. The outcomes are life-changing for our team, our business and for healthcare.

To find out more about 90TEN Medical, contact MESMT@90ten.co.uk

"I love helping our clients communicate their cutting edge scientific advances that will revolutionise healthcare for years to come."

Medical Writer