What we do

We deliver communications programmes that engage people and change behaviours – helping to enhance clinical practice and improve patient outcomes.

The global healthcare environment is facing great challenges. With an ageing population healthcare budgets are getting tighter; doctors frequently don’t prescribe to guidelines; the uptake of novel medicines is low; patients don’t take their medications as prescribed; and people continue to lead unhealthy lives.
With a passion for creating change and improving lives, 90TEN has responded to this global challenge by working with clinical and behavioural psychologists to develop an evidence-based methodology called FEEL-THINK-DO™ that can be applied to PR, medical education and medication adherence programmes.

FEEL-THINK-DO™ utilises our extensive understanding of human behaviour… understanding what really makes people tick, their beliefs and barriers and how they like to learn, and creates simple steps to change that connect with people in a meaningful way.

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