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Public Relations

90TEN has over a decade of experience in providing communications services to the healthcare sector, specialising in pharmaceuticals, consumer healthcare, public health and global health. We have worked on some of the biggest brands and organisations across the world to help raise awareness of key health issues, services and treatments. Our approach utilises our deep understanding of human behaviour to create meaningful communications programmes that talk to your audiences on a level that they understand.
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Medical Education

We believe the goal in any educational programme should be to facilitate change. Therefore our programmes are based not only on a deep understanding of human behaviour and learning techniques but also incorporate change management models which means we can find, engage and mobilise your medical audiences wherever they may be. Our team uniquely combines medical, educational, digital and behavioural experts to offer you a dedicated full service offering at global, regional and local levels.

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In today’s healthcare environment, payers are increasingly expecting the industry to differentiate their products by delivering services beyond the pill. With over a decade of experience across 23 countries, 90TEN Adherence is a global leader in the design and delivery of patient support programmes and adherence tools. Our personalised, evidence-based behavioural model helps to uncover the individual motivators and barriers to medication adherence and deliver tailored interventions that create long-lasting adherence to treatment.
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90TEN Ideation is our innovation service that helps clients to think differently and innovate faster. Using a 90TEN ideation workshop we can help you to generate hundreds of ideas in impossibly short timeframes. Our workshops have been used to inject fresh ideas to age-old problems, helping our clients create award-winning communications campaigns and innovative adherence programmes. We even do half-day taster sessions, so get in touch.
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