90TEN celebrates success at this year’s Communiqué Awards

The agency’s campaign for Sirtex for improving access to SIRT in the UK won the Excellence in Integrated Product/Brand Communications at the 2016 Communiqué Awards. The agency was also a finalist for a further four awards including:

  • Excellence in Media Relations for improving access to Sirt in the UK for Sirtex
  • Excellence in Media Relations for the global launch of Cosentyx® for Novartis
  • Excellence in Communications via a Live Event or Stand Alone Activity for ‘Revealing a New Face of Cure’, a Hepatitis C medical education programme for AbbVie
  • Young Communicator of the Year for Sophie Mansfield

Paul Tanner, chairman and co-founder of 90TEN said: “The outcomes of the improving access to SIRT campaign is testament to the success of 90TEN’s behaviour change methodology in driving measurable improvements in health outcomes. With a 14-year heritage of delivering behaviour change across PR, medical education and medication adherence programmes, 90TEN is proud to be recognised for its life changing work.”

Bowel cancer that spreads to the liver is one of the biggest cancer killers in the UK and innovative solutions are needed that can offer extended survival for patients. SIR-Spheres microspheres is a radiotherapy procedure that delivers millions of microscopic radioactive beads directly into tumours in the liver and can significantly extend life. With awareness of the procedure low, there was a clear need to educate patients and healthcare professionals about this life-extending treatment and to help them understand where and how they can access it.

By developing an integrated product campaign that mobilised clinical advocates, supported patients to tell their story and harnessed the power of the media, Sirtex, makers of SIR-Spheres, saw a dramatic increase in awareness among patient and clinicians and referrals to specialist centres increased significantly.

Commenting on Improving access to SIRT, the Communiqué judges said: “The clear, but simple, strategy we saw here ticked all the criteria boxes. Straight-forward, with SMART objectives and focused tactics, they delivered impressive outcomes and clear benefits for patients. We liked the great transition between awareness, objectives and results in this truly integrated campaign. This could serve as best practice for what you can accomplish on a tight budget.”

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